CEO Greeting

A company that leads the eco-friendly business!
We are creating our customers’ happiness together.
Green Tech Co.,Ltd which pursues environment-friendly business and well-being is a supplier of world-class companies, and has been dedicated to producing first-class products with specialized and differentiated technologies. Based on these accumulated technologies, we have been devoted to the research and development to improve the competitiveness of agriculture and livestock industry, which has been stagnated since the conclusion of the FTA between countries, which is an international trend. We have been supplying products such as a pest control machine, agricultural product dryer and various sterilizers and now supply the best quality parts for air conditioner and Kimchi refrigerator based on our expertise.
We have successfully developed high-efficiency hydrophilic coating micro-channel heat exchanger by continuously investing in new product and technology conditioner (EVAPORATOR, CONDENSER) And industrial heat exchanger. The air conditioner business that Green Tech implements has good prospects in not only the home appliance market but also the industrial market such as the air conditioning and cooling system as a new growth industry in the future. We will continue development of products related to air conditioner (heat exchanger) for automobile and cooling system of electric car utilizing superior technology and produce various products that can create high added value.
We would like to express our gratitude to customers who have always taken care of Green Tech, and promise to grow and develop further by creating better living value of customers and will be recognized as a world class company.
Thank you.

A company leading the eco-friendly business