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Heat Exchanger Division/ Pipe Bending Division
Green Tech Co.,Ltd that leads green business and makes customers happy
Green Tech Co.,Ltd, a supplier of Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd, Winia Mando Co.,Ltd, and O-Tek Carrier Co.,Ltd has been producing parts such as air conditioners and kimchi refrigerators, and uses the trust of suppliers through quality control and delivery time management.
In the Future, Green Tech Co.,Ltd will strive to lead the market with more advanced technology. In addition, we will not stop researching and developing to become a global market leader in the global era.
We are realizing customer satisfaction with products produced through quality control.
– Micro Channel Heat Exchanger (EVAPORATOR)
– Micro Channel Heat Exchanger (CONDENSER
– Micro Channel Heat Exchanger (CONDENSER)
– Copper CU Pipe Valve